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How Did Edgar Allan Poe Influenced American Literature

He was highly praised for his problem disentanglement, How Did Edgar Allan Poe Influenced American Literature, and A Ruffled Mind Makes A Restless Pillow Analysis that he credited to characters How Did Edgar Allan Poe Influenced American Literature. His last words were "Lord, help my poor soul. For his gold I had no desire. I loved the old man. He is going How Did Edgar Allan Poe Influenced American Literature meet her and How Did Edgar Allan Poe Influenced American Literature says he knows that she waits for him.

Edgar Allen Poe: Tales of Mystery and Terror

He is one of the early earliest writers who started writing short stories. Edger Allan Poe is regarded as the initiator of the genre of detective fiction. He also contributed with his writing in the newly developing science fiction genre. He is the first American writer whose sole source of earning was writing. Due to this, he suffers a financial crisis in both life and career. The life and works of Edger Allan Poe have greatly influenced the literary world. He specialized in the fields of cryptography and cosmology. Poe and his works both appear all the way through the popular culture in music, literature, television, and films. It was his distinguishing works in the genre of mystery that the annual award known as Edgar Award is given by Mystery Writers of America.

Elizabeth was an English born actress, whereas David Poe was an actor and belonged to Baltimore. In, his mother died in Virginia. He was then taken to the home of a rich merchant, John Allan. The wife was the merchant who had not any child. From to , he was taken to England and Scotland. Over there, he received a classical education that continued even in Richmond. In , he attended the University of Virginia for eleven months. He was involved in gambling in university, and after intense losses, his guardians did not permit him to continue and took him back to Richmond.

In Richmond, he met Elmira Royster and engaged. Forced by poverty, he joined the army under the name of Edger A. However, his foster mother died which causes him to leave the army eventually, and his foster father gets him an appointment to the U. Military Academy. Being absent for a week from a drill and classes, he was expelled from the academy. He went to New York City and bought volumes of poems, including masterpieces. The volumes contain the poems of P. Shelley, John Keats, and S. These poets influenced his writing greatly. When he went back to Baltimore, he started writing his short stories. In , he started working as an editor for Southern Literary Messenger in Richmond.

He made his reputation as a critical reviewer. He married his cousin Virginia Clemm who was only 13 years old at that time. Because of his drinking, Poe was temporarily expelled from his job. He then went to New York City. He became a drinking addict, in order to stand in a group of people and talk well, he needs to drink slightly. Even though he would not intake intoxication, he would only appear in the public when he had taken some. From this, people started assuming that Poe was a drug addict. However, according to the mental tests, he had cut in his brain. In this work, he combined facts with the wildest fantasies. He signed a contract for a monthly article. In , the tales of Poe the Grotesque and Arabesque also appeared.

In June , he resigned from his job at the magazine. This award gave him immense publicity. He started working as the sub-editor of the New York Mirror and worked under N. Willis became his lifelong friend. He changed his jobs several times in the following years and published different volumes of his poems and short stories. In January , his wife, Virginia Clemn, died. Their commitment was brief. They both helped him financially.

Poe presented a poetic tribute to both. It is a transcendental illustration of the universe. Some critics claim it to a masterpiece, whereas for some it is complete nonsense. In , Poe went to the South and engaged to Elmira Royster. They spent a summer together happily, and Poe suffered only one or two lapses. Another great source of his happiness was his friendship with a young poet Susan Archer Talley. She was his childhood friend. In September , he left Richmond and went to Baltimore.

He had a feeling of death. He died on 7 th October , for an unknown reason. It is assumed that he either died of drinking or from a heart attack. He was buried in Baltimore in Westminster Presbyterian Churchyard. The genre for which Edger Allan Poe is best known for is the Gothic genre. The Overlook Hotel in The Shining acts as a replacement for the traditional gothic castle, whilst Jack Torrance is a villain tinged with tragedy who seeks redemption. While not gothic per se, the horror in HP Lovecraft's writing was undoubtedly influenced by the gothic tales told by his grandfather. Gothic cinema has rarely been far from the screen, as proven by the British Film Institute's recent season dedicated to the gothic. Many of the early gothic movies, such as a Nosferatu, are still hailed as classics to this day, while Bram Stoker's Dracula has repeatedly been adapted for film.

BBC iWonder - a timeline of gothic fiction. Tim Burton's cinematic adaptation of Sleepy Hollow also includes many elements that were first established in The Castle of Otranto, with its patriarchal figures and a plot revolving around revenge and land rights. There have also been television series such as Lost - which, despite being set on a tropical island, nonetheless follows Walpole's example of placing ordinary people in extraordinary situations, with survivors struggling to avoid the "smoke monster".

The video game Fatal Frame also known as Project Zero features an autocratic family master, ancient curses and tragic romance. Then there are the goth or gothic bands who emerged in the s such as The Cure and Sisters of Mercy, inspired by the gothic literature and with lyrical themes of death, love, spirituality and identity. The exotic aspect of gothic literature that Walpole first introduced in The Castle of Otranto influenced the gothic subculture. Gothic fashion is designed to reflect a particular kind of lifestyle that is synonymous with gothic literature.

The Castle of Otranto itself took inspiration from previous works. Meg Tasker, an Associate Professor at Federation University Australia, observes that Walpole drew on "a whole range of literary sources and folklore, German as well as English and Scottish". The works of William Shakespeare were also an influence, as demonstrated by Walpole "alternating between comic and serious scenes". Despite its fantastical elements, there remains a consistent internal logic within the novel. For example, apparitions appear to protest to against anything that could result in the Alfonso and Don Ricardo families being united.

Tasker explains that The Castle of Otranto was "framed in such a way that the 18th Century Protestant educated reader could dismiss magic or miracles as Catholic superstitions". Members of the lower classes and women are portrayed in the novel as "superstitious, idolatrous, slavishly obedient to the Church". Despite the horror within the Castle of Otranto, there remains a subtle vein of almost farcical humour. A gigantic helmet falling from the sky onto one character predates the absurdism of Monty Python. As the genre matured, later authors of the genre tended to focus on the horror and tragedy. The farcical humour that once permeated The Castle of Otranto was found mostly in spoofs of the genre.

It is filled with gothic tropes and literary references, from Wallace being transformed into the were-rabbit yet still being drawn to his paramour Lady Tottingham, to the character Lord Victor Quartermaine - a reference to Allan Quatermain from H Rider Haggard's classic novel King Solomon's Mines. In this respect it is true to the spirit of The Castle of Otranto, which both celebrated and mocked the fantastic. As Tasker says, the novel is "sublimely silly". Shipwreck cargo washes up on beaches. Image source, Getty Images.

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