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Analysis Of The OJ Simpson Trial

Civilians call it Analysis Of The OJ Simpson Trial travesty. Ils prennent leurs repas ensemble Analysis Of The OJ Simpson Trial t 67 ]. But with fresh legal action in the Analysis Of The OJ Simpson Trial States, is he now in trouble legally? C'est O. Simpson avant l'affaire, ni queen anne ship tant que AP Psychology Reflection Paper, ni en tant Analysis Of The OJ Simpson Trial [ t 27 ].

The American soap opera of O.J Simpson's murder trial - 60 Minutes Australia

In light of Simpson's recent parole hearing, Newsweek is republishing the story. Simpson's innocence, remains unspent. The exotic theories about others who might have killed Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman Colombian drug traffickers, "a crazed homosexual" , floated all summer by defense sources, have receded. As jury selection begins this week, Simpson's attorneys appear to be left with a last, best strategy for saving their client: putting the Los Angeles Police Department on trial.

While Ito ruled in the state's favor on a series of motions -- allowing into evidence most of the items seized in searches of Simpson's mansion -- he sharply rebuked police for their conduct. Ito characterized Det. Phil Vannatter, one of the lead investigators, as "reckless" in his attempt to obtain a search warrant to enter Simpson's mansion in the hours after the murders. In an affidavit, Vannatter claimed, for example, that Simpson had fled unexpectedly from the city. In fact, he left on a business trip scheduled weeks earlier. On Friday, the LAPD revealed that it had begun an internal-affairs investigation to determine whether police leaked what authorities say was an inaccurate report to Los Angeles television station KNBC. The story, which infuriated Ito, claimed that DNA analysis matched Nicole Simpson's blood with blood found on a pair of socks recovered from Simpson's home.

The announcement came hours after defense counsel Robert Shapiro -- joined, in an unusual show of unity, by prosecutor Marcia Clark -- called for a probe. Shapiro strongly suggested that the police, not the press, were preventing Simpson from getting a fair trial. The racial composition of the jury was strongly influenced by the decision of the prosecution to file the Simpson case in downtown Los Angeles rather than--as is usually the case-- in the judicial district where the crime occurred-- in this case, Santa Monica. Had the case be filed in Santa Monica, the Simpson jury would have been mostly white instead of, as was the case, mostly African-American. With poll data showing that most whites believed Simpson to be guilty and most blacks believing him to be not guilty, the decision to file the case in Santa Monica may have been the biggest mistake the prosecution made.

Vincent Bugliosi, the celebrated prosecutor in the Charles Manson case, said the mistake "dwarfed anything the defense did. Jury selection got underway on September 24, in Judge Ito's courtroom. Present that day were potential members of the jury and the judge, Simpson, and lawyers for both sides. Participating for the defense in the jury selection process were attorneys Robert Shapiro and Johnnie Cochran as well as highly respected jury consultant Jo-Ellan Dimitrius. Judge Ito explained procedures to the potential jury members and warned them that the trial might last several months. The remark about the expected length of the trial prompted Simpson to moan loudly, "Oh, God, no--my kids, my kids. In addition, they were to complete a one-page "hardship" questionaire designed to determine jurors who could be intially excluded from the selection process.

Potential jurors complained about the lengthy questionaire, which took about four hours for many people to complete. They also were overheard muttering complaints about the personal nature of many of the questions--questions about their beliefs concerning the causes of domestic violence, about their feelings concerning interracial marriages, about whether they "ever provided a urine sample to be analyzed for any purpose. Jury selection continued for two months. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Latest Entertainment Video. Latest Entertainment Headlines. Martin J. Sherwin, Pulitzer-winning scholar, dead at 84 Martin J. But music has not resonated through the cavernous hall since Feb. Manager Davide Volonte recalls the surreal mood as the first masked clients appeared and of the last night before the the Italian government's shutdown order came into effect.

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